The Simple Psychology Hack for Attracting and Retaining Agents

by | Sep 21, 2023

In a post from the archive, Dave Mashburn reminds us of the importance of attunement in all forms of communication.Attunement happens when the observed experiences of others come to affect our own thoughts and feelings.Attunement is helpful because it allows you to step outside your own world and into the reality someone else is experiencing.When you’re attuned to another, you can better tailor your behavior to the expectations of the other person and create smoother, more varied social interactions.But most importantly, researchers have discovered that attunement is the precursor for attachment.If you’re attuned to your recruiting prospects, they’ll feel a mysterious sense of attraction and attachment to you and your team.If you’re attuned to your agents, they’ll feel a subtle sense of abandonment or loss when they think about siding with one of your competitors.Attunement is a subtle, but powerful tool that effective leaders use to engage talented agents.If you’re not good at it, make it part of your growth plan.  It’s something that can be learned.


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