Recruiting: How To Escape A Slow Cubicle Death (Questions/Answers)

by | Aug 6, 2018

by Ben Hess, Managing Director, ThirdPool Recruiting

I’ll structure this posting as a question/answer session to the topic of helping people escape their corporate job.

If you’re just joining us, catch up by reading the last blog post based on a recent article in Forbes magazine by Brian Rashid.

Brian’s simple premise: Life in the cubical is not as secure as it may seem.

Your application:  For some people, a transition to a real estate career (ie. owning a small business as an agent) may be a viable way to escape an unstable corporate job.

Q:  How do you reach “the cube population?”

A:  Without exception, the best way to reach those who are languishing in corporate jobs is through networking.   People connect with other people and “what’s happening at work” is a common topic.  Get in the habit of asking:  How’s work going?

Of course, you’ll only be able to reach a certain number of people through your own network. So, it’s important you multiply your efforts.   Real estate offices have the advantage of being connected to agents who each have a large number of network contacts as well.  Teach your agents to ask these questions as well.

Q:  How do you reach “the nurse whose feet are getting sore and is hating working the night shift?”

A:  There are large swaths of the population who are outside of your network’s reach.  Use job-related advertising to reach a large population of those who are languishing in their corporate jobs.

A recent Harris Poll on employment revealed some surprising tendencies:

-58% of adults look at job postings at least monthly.  Only 19% never look at job opportunities.

-71% of the people in the labor force say they are actively looking or open to a new job.

-72% of employed adults agree it’s important for them to be aware of jobs currently out there in the market.

-80% of people who search for jobs online spend some time searching outside their current career field.

This data paints a clear picture—people in cubical jobs are willing, able, and motivated to look at new employment opportunities.

The challenge is to place ads in the places where these individuals frequently look and present opportunities in a way people outside the real estate industry can understand.

Q: How do you overcome the negative branding of the real estate industry?

A:  Brian’s original article offers some entrepreneurial ideas to those trying to escape the cubicle death.  Somehow being a contract drone operator sounds more exciting than working in the real estate industry.

While many people have a negative perception of the real estate industry, the draw to entrepreneurism is still strong and positive.  Focus your messaging (both in conversations and in written dialog) on starting a business and independence.

There are many people who are willing to talk about their hopes and dreams of starting their own businesses, but very few have an idea worth pursuing or a plan on how to make it happen.  Being a real estate agent can eventually fill that void, but only after they’ve envisioned themselves as starting a business on their own.


The more you become a student of how the employment marketplace operates, the more proficient you’ll become at attracting those who are stuck in dead-end jobs.    As a side benefit, you’ll also learn more about how people think, dream, and make decisions.

This information will make you a better leader.   It will make your agents better agents.

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