From Start-up to 100+ Agents in Under 3 Years

by | Jul 13, 2022

Many Recruiting Insight readers are owners of single-office brokerages, leaders of real estate teams, or managers of offices that need to grow.

If you’re in one of these positions, I think you’ll find Sarah Zdeb’s story both inspiring and insightful.

Sarah is the founder and CEO of JPAR Carolina Living.

She started her franchise from scratch and grew it into a multi-office company with more than 100 agents.

And this year, she is on track to grow by a net 50 agents again.

This kind of growth is what most real estate entrepreneurs have in mind when they start a brokerage, and today Sarah is going to share some of her secrets on how she made this happen.

Also, near the end of our discussion, she describes an innovative process she’s developed to consistently generate experienced agent recruiting referrals.

It’s something you can quickly add to your recruiting process and start generating referrals.

Let’s jump in—we have a lot cover today!

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