How to Establish a New Belief

by | Apr 18, 2023

As we discussed last week, your beliefs have a profound effect on your performance.

If you believe something that supports and aligns with your goals, you’re more likely reach your objectives.

If you believe something is at odds with your goals, you’re swimming upstream.

So, the secret to success is to make sure your beliefs align with the goals you’re trying to accomplish.

Easy, right?

According to coach Travis Robertson, it’s not easy for several reasons.

First, it’s hard to tell when your beliefs and goals are misaligned.

Beliefs are beliefs because we think they’re right.  It often takes a trusted third party to alert you of the disconnect.

Second, our beliefs don’t just stop being our beliefs because we had an epiphany.

People often spend years building evidence to support their beliefs.

When a new belief is suggested and even embraced, the old belief doesn’t let go without a fight.

To establish a new belief and empower it to inform your actions, you must proactively build an arsenal of evidence to outweigh the old belief.

This is no small feat.

It won’t take years to accomplish, but it does require you to proactively build a list of evidence that proves your new belief is real.

How much evidence?

Travis suggests at least 50 pieces of evidence are required to establish a new belief.

And the evidence must be read and interacted with frequently for it to take root.

It’s no wonder we get stuck embracing our established and comfortable beliefs—change is hard.

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