Overcoming the Blind Spots Holding You Back

by | Sep 6, 2023

The best leaders are always searching for the hidden problems holding back their progress.Why?  Because the surface problem often turns out to be an external symptom of a deeper underlying problem.And by nature, humans are incredibly stubborn, short-sighted, committed to their biases and unable to assess their own blind spots.Because of this blindness we often need the input of others and a fresh set of eyes to help us see through the symptoms and locate the core roadblocks.This is one of the reasons that high-support models and agent coaching have continued to flourish in the real estate industry for decades.But even great input from a trusted source will not illuminate problems unless it’s combined with an important character trait that most great leaders possess.That trait is humility.In order to flourish, a leader must be humble enough to actively search for what they might be missing.Humble leaders ask questions…lots of them.They always want to know: What’s going on out there? What could I be missing?Also, humble leaders don’t experience a mistake or a failure as an insult to their ego because they are free to self-examine and improve.Input from others and humility—it’s a powerful combination for escaping the ruts that hold you back.

If you find yourself in a recruiting rut and not getting the results you hoped to achieve this year, I’d encourage you to reach out to the Recruiting Insight team.We can be that “fresh set of eyes” you need to see the problem in a new light and get your questions answered.We do this by offering free recruiting strategy sessions to real estate leaders who are curious about new possibilities.Click here to grab a strategy session on my calendar or on Mark Johnson’s calendar.Most breakthroughs start with a conversation.  This is your opportunity to get a dialog going.


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