Choosing Who to Ignore

by | Sep 8, 2021

In a recent podcast, Guy Gal, the founder and CEO of Side, describes who his brokerage is recruiting.

Over 70% of agents in the real estate industry are part-time and complete 3 to 7 transactions per year. 

The mission of Side is to recruit and empower the full-time agent who is completing more than 30 transactions per year.

We don’t want to help everyone—just the 200,000 high-producing agents and teams in the country who fit our unique profile.

Like most successful businesses, Side has identified a recruiting niche.

But how they got there is counterintuitive– they started by intentionally excluding a large majority of the available opportunities in the marketplace.

Then, they focused on an even smaller group of agents they felt they could uniquely assist and were not being serviced by strong competitors.

In the end, they proactively chose to ignore more than 90% of the agents in the marketplace.

With less than 10% left, they can now focus more effectively on both prospecting and delivering valuable solutions.


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