Professional Talent Managers Hire to Upgrade

by | Oct 2, 2023

When aggressively growing an organization, many managers have a “more is better” mentality.Professional talent managers have a “better is better” mentality.First, they think: If I’m going to hire someone, who is this person going to replace?The upgrade mindset forces you to focus on quality and organically raises your hiring standards over time.The goal is to get to the place where there is no one left to replace.At this point, you’ve built an organization of top-level performers, and any future additions must meet the higher performance bar.Do you think this can’t be done?Over the years, I’ve known of multiple real estate offices that maintain strict minimum standards and where the average agent completes 20+ transactions per year.And, yes, they’re led by professional talent managers.Note: This is the final Insight in our “How to Become a Professional Talent Manager” series.  If missed the previous posts, catch up here:  Post 1Post 2Post 3.



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