Your Application Stack

by | Mar 12, 2019

by Ben Hess, Managing Director, ThirdPool Recruiting

If  you’ve been paying attention to the technology wars going on in the real estate industry, you may be familiar with what is sometimes called an “application stack.”

An application stack encompasses software applications, technical services, and other third-party enablers used to optimize your business performance.

There is a push among some large franchise organizations and nationwide brokerages to become a one-stop-shop for an agent’s application stack.

Other real estate companies (both large and small) would rather depend upon marketplace forces to provide a diverse offering of innovative applications.

Both philosophies have limitations.

Creating a universal application stack is not as easy as it looks.  Even well-funded technology-based real estate companies are profoundly struggling to deliver a single-system utopia.

For marketplace proponents, inoperability among applications and keeping up with the latest innovations is always a challenge.  With so many options available, it’s hard to tell if a new tool will really make life better.

Which philosophy makes more sense to you?  Shoot me back an email response to let me know your thoughts.

This week we’ll be discussing how application stack philosophies affect recruiting.

Much of what is first hashed out in the sales and marketing arena is later adopted by recruiting practitioners.

How this plays out may one day affect how your recruiting operation functions.

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