Onboarding: The Underlying Objective

by | Apr 20, 2023

Yesterday, we learned there are lots of benefits to onboarding—both for you and your new hires.

These benefits can be further enhanced when you focus on the underlying needs of those you’re bringing onboard.

When someone joins your team, they need to:

Experience Some Quick Successes. Most people get into real estate with high hopes. When those hopes are not met, anxiety starts to creep into their minds.

Gaining a sense of accomplishment is the antidote for this anxiety.

While closing a transaction takes time, accomplishing many of the steps leading to a closing can happen sooner.

Break the process down into small steps and give the newbie a way to demonstrate some early successes.

Connect with Others in the Group. People connect with the team when they connect with individuals on the team.

Setting up a team lunch or after-work event when a new hire comes onboard is common practice.

Take it a step further by arranging onboarding tasks and training with different members of the team.

Shared experiences are the seeds of loyalty, so plant as many as possible.

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