The Holistic Well-Being of Your Agents

by | Sep 23, 2020

Researchers are starting to document how the holistic health of an employee affects their contribution to their employer.

Employees who report being healthy tend to be…

29% more productive

39% more successful

28% more loyal

32% more engaged

…compared to employees who report being unhealthy.

While this research was not conducted specifically for the real estate industry, it’s likely the same patterns apply to agents.

So, what’s the definition of holistic health? It has four components:

Mental Health: Measurement of psychological and emotional well-being.

Financial Health: Measurement of personal and family financial security.

Social Health: Measurement of the ability to form satisfying interpersonal relationships.

Physical Health: Measurement of the level of illness, injury, and physical well-being.

As a starting point, this simple list can serve as a checklist to assess the holistic health of those on your team.

During coaching sessions, ask your agents:

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your _________ health?  

(Use the definitions provided to clarify the meaning of your questions.)

Once you have the baseline developed, help your agents close the gap between where they are now versus a score of 10 in each of these categories.

Health and well-being benefits you, your agent, and everyone else in the organization  It’s too important to ignore.


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