Discuss and Do Meetings

by | Mar 1, 2023

Author and serial entrepreneur Dan Martell recently shared one of his life hacks that may help you become a better recruiter.

For Dan, a typical video meeting lasts 30 minutes and has the following agenda:

Quick updates.

Questions on the ideal outcome for the topic being discussed.

Background information needed to take action on the topic.

Working on the issue for 15 minutes.

Let the other person know to circle back if they need something more.

Notice the fourth item on the list.

He actually does the follow-up for the meeting during the meeting.

The alternative – and what I did in the past – would be to say “I’ll follow up over the weekend when I get a chance to breathe…and then I would overflow my to-do list.

Using a working meeting forces conscious attention for micro projects….  It’s key to doing more in a day and not having a to-do list that scares you.

How can this help you be a better recruiter?

Use this technique when you’re meeting with referral sources: Can I make some introductions for you?

Use it with prospects who may be trying to solve a problem: Let’s take 15 minutes and get this problem solved right now…

Use it to show your agents how to make referrals: I’m going to make two referral calls for you during our meeting…

By doing this you’re training, setting an example, and sparking reciprocity all at the same time.

And you’ll have less follow-up on your to-do list.

How do you lose on this idea?

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