The Growth Formula in Today’s Markets

by | Aug 30, 2023

In a recent RealTrends interview Emily Kettenburg pointed out what has become obvious in every corner of the real estate marketplace.This year, 20% fewer properties will trade, and that means that the competition is fiercer than ever. To counteract this, brokers need to focus on two main strategies: increasing per-person productivity (PPP) and recruiting more agents. But not just any agent will do.You will have to hire agents who are already productive (despite the recent market conditions) or agents you can transform into above average contributors. The first group is expensive to attract and difficult to convince to join your roster.Most hiring managers are better off focusing on the second group. But how do you find and grow these agents? Be selective.  Many of the agents who came into the industry in the last few years are not a good fit for real estate.  The order-takers need to go.   You’ll need better raw materials to build better agents.Replace weak players. When you hire, think less about adding bodies and more about increasing PPP in your office.  By raising your performance standards, you’ll attract more talented agents who want to be part of something remarkable. Deliver on your promise.  Leaders who can transform raw talent into productive agents are the alchemists of the real estate industry.  It’s the superpower that’s best able to set you apart from your competitors.The best agents shine during the most challenging of times.  The same is true for leaders.



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