Creating Unnecessary Hurdles

by | Mar 5, 2019

by Ben Hess, Managing Director, ThirdPool Recruiting

Getting the highest quality recruiting prospects to engage is a challenge.

This challenge often manifests itself by having to sort through a large number of low-quality leads to find the gems.

To solve this problem, some companies erect hurdles (request a lot of additional information) in the application process to deter or screen-out the wrong people from applying.

While this appears well-intentioned (I’ll weed out the unqualified and the uncommitted early in the process), it usually backfires.

It’s the quality recruiting prospects – those with ample experience and access to other opportunities – who will look at a lengthy apply process and realize that it’s not worth their time.

The higher the friction at the beginning of the process, the less applications you’re going to receive.

And those you do receive will be of lower quality.

It’s better to lower the hurdles during the attraction phase, and then weed out the unqualified during the engagement phase.

It’s a little more work at the beginning, but it ensures you’re capturing the highest quality prospects.

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