Only Hire the New Agents You Love

by | Mar 28, 2024

A while back, we completed a home renovation project that required some bedrooms to be shuffled around in our home.

As a side benefit, it turned into a catalyst for my wife to clean out her closet and reevaluate her clothing strategy.

I’m noticing my clothes and shoes fall into two categories—the things I love, and the things I like.

I tend to wear the things I love most of the time, and I rarely wear the things I like.

From now on, I’m only going to buy clothes and shoes I love.

Surprisingly, she has stuck to this commitment.

She sends a lot more stuff back to Amazon, and I’ve seen her come back from several shopping trips empty-handed saying: I just didn’t find anything I really loved today.

I would encourage you to approach new agent hiring in the same manner.

With low inventory, fewer transactions, and the lawsuit chaos, it’s more difficult for new agents to get established.

After each agent interview, ask yourself:

Is this an agent who has a high chance of growing into a top 10% producer in our office?

Is this an agent who truly has the characteristics needed to succeed (large organic SOI, capable of working full-time, money saved to launch their business, demonstrated grit and resilience, etc.)?

Is this an agent whom I could see building a strong listing-oriented business?

If you’re not able to answer ‘yes’ to all three of these questions, pass on this hire, and wait for the ones you love.


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