Turbulent Seas Make Good Sailors

by | Jun 8, 2023

Earlier this week, I spoke to an agent who started selling real estate in 2008.He struggled his first couple of years (like everyone during that time period) but persevered and eventually started gaining traction.By 2018, he had a substantial personal real estate business and ventured into ownership.Today, he owns a brokerage with 185 agents and is looking for agents who are tenacious enough to start their real estate career during difficult times.I’ve heard a similar version of this story dozens of times.It’s the formula high performers have leveraged to grow their skills, build their business acumen, and become today’s real estate leaders.As we discussed yesterday, some talented individuals are reconsidering residential real estate as an option.When you connect with them, espouse the advantages of starting their career during turbulent times.This message will resonate with talented individuals who are seeking a challenge and want to build something substantial.It will repel those who are those are less hardy.Rich Barton recently said:  I actually love a storm–-a lot of cruft is getting washed out to sea.And it creates opportunity for those who are truly able to perform.


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