It’s Time To Lead

by | Mar 19, 2020

As the effects of the public health crisis start to ripple through the economy, there’s a temptation to pull back and disengage.

I’m hearing things like: Let’s sit tight and see how this plays out.

While the future is not clear, there is much we can be doing to care and provide hope for those who depend upon us.

My colleague Bill Watkins sees these events as a call to action for true leaders:

Continuing as is (doing the same), stopping all activities (doing nothing), and delaying decisions (waiting it out) are not options in a “business continuity” crisis like this.

[It’s our job to] to address confusion, concerns, and constraints with thoughtful, decisive action, and to preemptively respond to what is to come with agility, grit, and grace.

If you’re responsible for a company, an office, a team, or a family, it’s time to step out front and be a leader. Those who are depending on you need this more than anything else.

Leaders show compassion, meet short-term needs, and figure out the next steps. They’re not perfect, but they are present and engaged.

In the long run, the best recruiting happens when prospects are attracted to something remarkable.

This is your chance to be remarkable.


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