The Highest and Best Work of a Real Estate Leader

by | Nov 30, 2022

In his bestselling book, James Heskett makes a compelling case for focusing much of your effort on talent acquisition and retention.

No matter what business you’re in, the only way to generate enduring profits is to begin by building the kind of work environment that attracts, focuses, and keeps talented employees.

Whether software designer or delivery truck driver, accountant or hotel housekeeper, the most valuable aspects of jobs are essentially the human tasks of sensing, judging, creating, and building relationships.

This means a great deal of a company’s value now lies between the ears of its employees.

When someone leaves a company, they take their value with them—more often than not, straight to a competitor.

As you put your plans together for 2023, make sure you’re putting the appropriate emphasis on recruiting and retention.


Look at your schedule. The most effective hiring managers spend at least 20% of their week on recruiting.

Look at your expenses. One of our clients proactively schedules 12 retention events each year. The purpose of these events is to help agents maintain a connection to the office (and they are not cheap).

Look at your energy level. Are you dedicating the “best you” to recruiting and retention tasks? If these are being pushed to the bottom of your task list, your results will suffer.

Great results start with the right focus. Make sure talent acquisition tops your priorities both in planning and execution.

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