Your First Job as a Recruiter: Building Awareness

by | Jul 10, 2019

by Ben Hess, Managing Director, ThirdPool Recruiting

Before a recruiting prospect can even think about working in your company, they must become aware that the opportunity exists.

The number of people who really know who you are and what you offer is relatively small.

And, this small group has a normal distribution of quality.

Some will be smart and talented. Most will not.

Some will be focused and motivated. Most will not.

If you spend most of your time trying to convert a finite group of prospects into hires, you’ll experience a high level of frustration and poor results.

This is why high-performing recruiters dedicate a good portion of their time and resources to building awareness.

The engagements with high-quality prospects will multiply if you’re constantly growing the sphere of individuals who are aware of your opportunity.

How do new prospects become aware? Many ways.

Personal connections, direct experience with your company, advertising, interactions with your agents, radio programs, referrals, social media posts, networking, realty show, events sponsored by your company, and many more.

Every interaction your company has with your community is an opportunity to increase the awareness that you hire talented individuals and transform them into prosperous agents.

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