Restarting Agents Who are Locked-Up

by | Apr 15, 2020

Many agents are stuck right now, and if they remain in this state, they probably won’t survive.

Do a quick inventory: Which of your agents are struggling to demonstrate any productive movement since the crisis started?

If you want to retain some of the agents from this group, you’ll need to quickly diagnose what’s causing them to lock-up.

Use the following framework to start asking some open-ended questions.

Strategy. How have you revised your business plan in light of the current circumstances? What are some of the creative solutions you’ve found to the new problems you face? What actions should you being taking to build trust with your clients during these difficult times?

Mindset. How would you describe your attitude since the crisis started? How are you making decisions on where to place your focus? What have you done to make yourself more mentally tough and less fearful?

Execution. How has your work routine changed in the last month? What are you doing to limit distractions while working at home? How are you measuring progress and holding yourself accountable?

The agents who are struggling will typically not have good answers to these questions.

When you help them find the answers, you’re teaching them to overcome obstacles and build resilience.

This will pay dividends for years to come.


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