Too Much Employment Inventory – Part 2

by | Apr 29, 2021

Yesterday, we discussed how the “too many job opportunities/not enough candidates” dynamic is putting pressure on the employment marketplace.

In the real estate market, customers are asking: Where did all of the listings go?

In the employment market, employers are asking: Where did all of the candidates go?

According to columnist Alicia Little, there are three major trends driving the candidate shortage.

Policy: Recent public policy changes may, in some cases and in some states, make it more desirable not to work.

Confidence: Some people are feeling uneasy about going back to work in the post Covid-19 world (especially in an office setting with a commute).

Parenting Responsibilities: Parents are still struggling with home education responsibilities as some areas continue to transition from full remote, to partial remote, to fully in-person learning environments.

Here is the good news–all three of these issues are temporary.

Most people want to work, want to see their kids back in school, and will gain confidence in the months ahead.

And the most talented and motivated will emerge first.

That’s why it’s important to stay engaged in the recruiting game. It’s one of those—you need to zig while everyone else is zagging—moments.


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