“How Are You Going to Help Me Generate Leads?” Part 2

by | Nov 18, 2022

Many of the hiring managers I coach have a difficult time crafting and articulating their lead generation stories.

This is especially true for those who advise their agents to use more traditional referral methodologies to generate leads.

If you’re struggling with this concept, try using this framework to develop your story:

High-Quality Leads versus Low-Quality Leads: Some leads produce more commission and convert to sales more reliably than other leads. High-quality leads are more valuable.

High-Cost Leads versus Low-Cost Leads: Purchasing leads is the quickest and easiest way to connect with a potential buyer or seller. But if you’re not going to do the work to generate the lead, you’ll have to pay someone for their effort.

Long-Term Leads versus Short-Term Leads: Transaction-based leads tend to be short-term. Relationship-based leads generate follow-on referrals among the family and friend networks of satisfied clients.

Building your story around one or more of these contrasts allows you to take the higher ground and frame your competitors’ lead systems as flawed.

They also lend themselves to asking open-ended questions. For example:

How much more commission is a high-quality lead worth?

You’re going to be paying for your leads in referral fees, how much does that limit your income potential?

If you’re dependent on an external lead source, how will you build a long-term, sustainable business?

Thoughtful questions are the secret sauce driving prospects back to your lead generation story.

With some forethought and focus, you can win this game.

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