Persuasion Plus Honest Connections

by | Jul 17, 2019

by Ben Hess, Managing Director, ThirdPool Recruiting

Yesterday, we discussed one of the tactics high-performing hiring managers use to be persuasive.

Anytime I address persuasiveness, I’m reminded of some thoughts Peter Weddle published in his newsletter years ago.

A recruiter’s job always involves the activity of persuasion.

We have to present a compelling argument that our opportunity is better than any other opportunity out there, and it’s worth the hassle of making a change.

Good recruiters know and use best practices to persuade.

But, the great recruiters go a step further by forming honest connections with their prospects.

Honest connections are built by convincing the prospect we…

(a) understand and respect their unique needs, goals, and values.

(b) have their best interests at heart.

These honest connections are built by learning about the prospect’s story and then integrating what we have to offer into their big picture.

If persuasive tactics are used for selfish gain (just getting another hire), the process breaks down.

The short-term successes will lead to long-term failures—especially if your objective is to engage and hire the most talented individuals.


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