Flight Risks and Brown-Grassers

by | Oct 21, 2021

If retention worries keep you up at night, you may want to implement one of John Sullivan’s retention techniques.

It’s a little more complex than some of the other ideas I’ve shared in previous Insights, but worth the effort.

Identify the flight risks.

Develop a process for estimating who among your most valuable agents are most likely to leave.

Someone within your team always knows who’s frustrated.

Ask your “superknowers” (internal gossip trackers) to provide you with guidance.

Connect them with your brown-grassers.

Many agents leave because they mistakenly think that the grass will be greener at other organizations.

Those who rejoin the company after such an experience are known as brown-grassers.

To execute this technique, you’ll need to maintain a close relationship and open dialog with many of the agents in your office.

Hopefully, you’re doing this already as this is the foundational component of all other retention techniques.

As an added bonus, you may want to record a quick video interview with a couple of your brown-grassers.

Here is an example of company who published a Grass Isn’t Greener Interview.

Could you make a video like this for your office?


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