Develop a Following as a Leader

by | Jun 2, 2023

In a post from the archive, Dave Mashburn poses the question:How many of your agents are truly following you as a leader?  Individuals arrive in management positions in various ways, but true leadership credibility must be earned.If you feel like you’re having trouble earning your spot, here are some simple things you can do to start gaining a following.Find a mentor. If you want to become a leader, it’s imperative that you learn from a leader. Find someone who’s hitting it out of the park.Every time you are with this person, have a list of good questions, and ask them. What are their habits? What are their top priorities?What they may see as second nature, you might find revolutionary. Make their habits your habits.Listen to people and meet their needs. Great leaders know what their people want and help them fulfill their goals.They personally know what motivates and scares each individual and what each person is dreaming of accomplishing.If you’re simply fulfilling your role to exploit the talents and performance of the people you are leading, they’ll smell it a mile away.Be a great coach. If your agents don’t perform well, you don’t perform well. Just like when a college basketball coach doesn’t coach well, the team doesn’t perform well.Even the most talented young athletes who are recruited from across the country require consistent practice, direction, and motivation.Almost anyone can implement these simple ideas and attract a following.It won’t make you a great leader, but it will get you started down the right path.


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