How Leaders Create High-Performing Cultures

by | Feb 26, 2024

Seth Godin recently pointed out something every great leader knows:

The plants grow themselves.

The gardener’s job is to create conditions for the plants to grow.

The soil, the water, the light, the weeds… these are the conditions.

But none of it happens if the plants don’t do the thing they want to do in the first place.

This is always true, anywhere a leader succeeds.  

Creating the conditions is the hard part.

The process starts by consistently getting seedlings established.

This is why you recruit.

As Seth points out, remarkable growth happens when the conditions are right.

This is why you train and coach.

By envisioning the end result, you muster the courage to make difficult decisions.

This is why you weed, prune, and replant.

Every high-performing culture is the result of the right people being led by the faith, insight, and resilience of a capable gardener.

Spring is right around the corner. Is this your year to create something remarkable?

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