Growing During the Storm–Part 2

by | Feb 27, 2023

On Friday, I pointed you to  Steve Murray’s study after the real estate recession between 2005 and 2011.

The study documented the performance of 17 remarkable companies that grew substantially during the prolonged downturn while most of their peers just struggled to survive.

When asked how they did it, the leaders of these organizations shared some of their wisdom in short but actionable quotes. Here are my five favorites:

Recruiting: Focus on finding people who have the right blend of skills, attitude, and attributes that increase their chance of success.  –David Lutton

Productivity: Our goal became not to be the biggest but to be the most productive, the most professional. There is no one way to succeed–pick one and adjust as you move along.  –Patrick Finnick

Market Mindset: We looked at the market slowing and concluded that to grow we would have to focus on market-share growth (taking from our competitors), so that became among our top priorities. –Chris Meyers

Strong Partnerships: We work every day–all the time–on building strong relationships with not only our own people, but also with all of those in the market with whom we work with to get deals done for clients and customers. –Casey Cook

Retention: We decided that as close as we felt to our sales professionals, we needed to get much closer still. These terrible times required stronger, more intimate relationships that were real.  –Erica Hill

While these quotes offer some thoughtful guidance, they don’t provide the detailed insight and framework necessary to relate it to today’s market conditions.  This would require more time and focus than we can cover in our daily Insights.

That is why we asked Steve to join us for our Recruiting Mastermind this Friday at 1pm EST / 10am  to cover this topic in much more detail.

This Mastermind session is free to all Recruiting Insight readers.  See additional info and registration details below.

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