Deciding Who to Recruit

by | Apr 27, 2023

Recruiting is hard work.

If you’re going to make the effort, it only makes sense to focus your energy on recruiting prospects who will make a meaningful contribution to your team.

Who are these prospects? It depends on your team.

Internet marketing expert Frank Kern advises his clients to use the PVP index to define a target market.

The same criteria applies to recruiting:

Personal Fulfillment: Is this recruiting prospect someone I’d enjoy working with? Do they fit my culture and support what I’m trying to build?

Value: Does this recruiting prospect need/value what I’m offering? For example, if you’re offering agents a high level of support, focus on prospects who would value (pay for) a high level of support.

Profitability: Are you and the recruiting prospect both going to make a profit by working together? From a holistic perspective (money and work-life balance), is your team the most profitable place for the prospect to work?

Having clarity on who you’re trying to recruit is the first (and perhaps most important) step in the recruiting process.

Before you add someone to your Potentials List, do a quick gut check:  Does this person meet the PVP criteria?

If not, find someone who does.

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