Recruiting Tip Tuesday: Leverage Your Performance Metrics

by | Dec 11, 2018

by Logan Dziuk, Recruitment Marketing Manager, ThirdPool Recruiting

In last week’s recruiting tip, we looked at a handful of performance metrics that are helpful to track consistently in regards to your recruiting process.

Here are a few practical applications of those metrics to help improve your process.

  1. Improving Your Sourcing Channel Mix – Your sourcing channel mix is the collection of paid and organic mediums through which you source candidates. When you track your recruiting metrics back to the source level, you can differentiate between quality sources and poor-performers.
  2. Optimizing Your Job Content –A simple method of improving the content of your job advertising is through a process called A/B testing. Try creating two slightly different ads for the same position, making one specific change. Then run both ads simultaneously while controlling for other factors such as sourcing channels and location. After some time, your metrics will begin to show you the dominant ad variation.
  3. Increasing Your Engagement – The way you engage with candidates has a direct impact on the Cost-per-Hire metric that was covered last week. Trying different methods of connecting with recruiting prospects can have a measurable impact on your CPH.

You may not have direct control of these applications and you may not even have access to the key metrics we discussed last week. Even if you work with recruitment process provider, such as ThirdPool, it’s important that you have visibility into how your recruitment process is being improved.

Next week, we will look more specifically at engagement and showcase a practical way you can connect more effectively with candidates.

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