Making That Uncomfortable Recruiting Call

by | Dec 1, 2022

A few weeks ago, one of the hiring managers I coach reported his recruiting activity from the previous week.

I did not have any prospects remaining from our normal lead generation tactics, so I picked up the most recent agent awards list for our marketplace.

As I reviewed the list, I was looking for someone whom I knew professionally and who had some kind of recent connection to my office.

Bingo.  I recognized a high producer who recently had a transaction with one of my agents.

This would be my uncomfortable call for today.

Surprisingly, I caught her at just the right time.

She had left her original company a year earlier when her team broke up, and she transferred to a new broker where she felt very isolated and alone. My value proposition was a perfect fit for her.

Long story short—we onboarded her earlier this week!

This manager received a huge payoff from a recruiting rule I’ve seen some of the highest performing recruiters follow:

Make at least one uncomfortable recruiting call each day.

Granted most calls will not produce such a remarkable result, but over time there are many positive benefits from executing this simple daily discipline.

Are you willing to make an uncomfortable call today?

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