Narrowing Your Value Proposition

by | Aug 31, 2022

When building a value proposition for recruiting, most hiring managers start too wide.

They make a list of everything they’re able to offer and jury-rig it into a marketing message that resembles a Swiss-army knife.

It has a lot of basic functionality, but it doesn’t do any one thing really well.

By contrast, the best value propositions are concise and focus on the few things you do better than anyone else.

To build your value proposition, make a list of all the possible features and benefits you offer.

Then ask yourself these two questions:

1. What feature/benefit do I possess that jumps off the page as being significantly better than any of my competitors?

2. If nothing jumps off the page, what feature/benefit am I willing to invest in to make it significantly better than my competitors?

The best recruiting value propositions are simple, specific and compelling.

Anything less gets lost in the noise.

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