Turn Your Talent Pipeline Into a Secret Weapon

by | Oct 12, 2023

Most recruiters view their talent pipelines as just a passageway for prospects to move from a passive to an active state.It’s a repository of agents who occasionally get pinged with the ‘are you interested in making a move’ message.Limited to these types of interactions, the attrition rate of your talent pipeline will be 40% or more.It’s a lot of work to keep your talent pipeline full if it’s leaking at this rate.So, how do you stop the leaks?Peter Weddle describes a better way to think about your talent pipeline.Talented individuals are already engaged with another company, so to recruit them, you must get them to do the one thing we humans most hate to do—make a change.You must get them to leave their current broker, turn down offers from other companies, and buy into your value proposition.That outcome will rarely occur with hard-sell promotions.In fact, research indicates that the single best trigger for motivating change among passive, high-caliber candidates isn’t what’s contained in the offer.It’s a reality that working with you might be a better fit.And this reality takes time to recognize and appreciate.The best talent wants to know what it’s like to work with your team and get a sense of what their work experience will be like.They must be assured that their personality and principles are aligned with the organization’s culture and values so they will be comfortable in its work environment and be able to continue their career success by performing at their peak.If working with you is the best kept secret in town, use your talent pipeline to get the word out and change this perception.


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