Building a Business Community Through Recruiting

by | May 30, 2023

If you’re a hiring manager, try thinking of your real estate office as a business community or micro-trade group.From this perspective, individuals (agents) join the community because they have an interest in a certain topic (earning money in the real estate industry), or they need a particular problem solved (what I’m currently doing is not working for me).They stay involved in a community for a number of different reasons.Rich Millington wrote an outstanding article concerning the two most important considerations when building a business community.Who are you targeting? The biggest mistake you can make is targeting too many people too soon. A better way to launch, grow, or revamp any new community is to find the tiniest sliver of your audience with unique needs which you can satisfy better than any other community can.What unique needs and desires are you satisfying? You must satisfy the unique needs and desires of your audience better than anyone else. If you do this right, you shouldn’t be competing with anyone…you’re the only game in town.The article is a bit long, but worth reading.As you read it, replace the word “community” with “office” or “team”, and you’ll be surprised how applicable it is to real estate recruiting.Getting these questions answered correctly (for you and your office) positions your recruiting process for deliberate and strategic growth.If you don’t get them answered, you’ll always feel like you’re trying to justify your existence.Note:  Did you miss the Recruiting Mastermind with Michael Simonsen last week?  If so, here is a link to the recording.  Our next Recruiting Mastermind will be July 7th @ Noon ET/9am PT.  Save your spot and get this on your calendar by registering now.


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