Listening as a Competitive Advantage

by | Apr 26, 2024

If you’ve been to the doctor’s office lately, you may have noticed that physicians are not very good listeners.

A post from the archive highlighted one study showing medical doctors spend an average of 13 seconds listening to their patients before interrupting them.

And they interrupt to ask yes/no questions intended to drive towards a preconceived diagnosis.

By contrast, many alternative medicine practitioners have mastered the art of listening to their patients.

They spend more time with each individual and ask open-ended/probing questions designed to learn more about their patient’s problems and concerns.

It’s not clear whether the second approach produces better outcomes, but alternative medical providers have carved out a sizable niche in the medical industry by focusing on this differentiator.

Like in medicine, many real estate managers are naturally bent towards providing quick, preconceived solutions to those they coach and attempt to recruit.

By making listening one of your signature strengths, you’ll stand out among your competitors and engage more recruiting prospects.

Every human wants to be heard, and there’s always a shortage of those willing to listen.


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