Recruiting Types: Near-Term New Agent Recruiting

by | Jan 18, 2024

Last week, I wrote an Insight on the three types of real estate recruiting:  Near-Term New Agent Recruiting, Pipeline New Agent Recruiting, and Experienced Agent Recruiting.

Recruiting each type requires a different mindset, methodology, and tactics to be successful.

Over the next few Insights, we’ll push below the surface and discover how to successfully approach each type or prospect.

Imagine you’re walking through a busy outdoor shopping bazaar and multiple vendors are calling out the benefits of their products to get your attention.

This is how newly licensed real estate agents feel when they start the process of selecting a broker.

At this juncture, new agents tend to make decisions based on a list of features and benefits used to compare one vendor to another.

If you’re going to play this game successfully, it’s helpful to have an employment brand that people recognize and admire.

Large companies naturally have an advantage in this arena and get more than their fair share of these agents.

If you’re not one of the large players, it’s helpful to develop a clear list of your features and benefits and how it compares to what is offered by your competitors.

Compare and contrast so a quick decision can be made.

And don’t forget to close. If a prospect is not committed before they leave your office, the next broker they see will probably offer them something a little bit better and a little bit cheaper.

The downside of this type of hiring is it leaves little time to build relationships or to evaluate prospects beyond the surface level.

It’s one of the reasons the real estate industry has a high failure rate among new agents.

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