The “Trusted Leader” Checklist

by | Mar 29, 2023

Some years back, leadership expert Dan McCarthy provided a checklist to help leaders measure their trustworthiness.

It’s even more relevant today than when it was originally published.

Take a minute to do a quick self-assessment by noting how many of these traits apply to you.

You don’t do what you said you were going to do.

You over-promise and under-deliver.

You’re unpredictable and inconsistent.

You always seem to have a hidden agenda.

You’ll agree just to avoid conflict.

You never share anything personal about yourself.

You never seem to finish anything you start.

You have a reputation that says you can’t be trusted.

You’re never willing to take a stand.

You won’t listen.

You don’t seem interested in what’s important to others.

You gossip about other people and disclose confidential information.

You make decisions but don’t explain how and why you made the  decision.

You often change your plans or mind and don’t tell others or explain why.

You come across as uncompassionate and insensitive.

You won’t admit your mistakes or acknowledge your weaknesses.

You misrepresent other’s views.

You sugarcoat the truth.

You see others as a threat when they are successful or come up with good ideas.

If you answered, “That’s me!” to a few of these don’t beat yourself up too much.

No one gets an A+ on this quiz.

But it is important to look at the overall pattern.

If you’re trustworthy (and known as a trustworthy person), you have a great foundation from which to retain your best agents and attract more to your team.

If you’re not trustworthy, your reputation will proceed you.

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