Recruiting Tip Tuesday: Audit Your Application Process

by | Nov 13, 2018

by Logan Dziuk, Candidate Sourcing Coordinator, ThirdPool Recruiting

The candidate experience has become significantly more critical in the world of recruiting, particularly within real estate.

If we look at consumer marketing, everything is built and framed around the customer experience. With recruiting, it’s no different.

Whereas consumer marketing has customers, recruitment marketing has candidates.

As job opportunities begin to outpace the labor supply, the candidate experience you deliver to your recruiting prospects becomes even more vital to your organization’s success.

Think about your recruiting process from the candidate’s perspective.

Try searching for your job openings as if you were the job-seeker. As you go through your process, ask yourself questions such as:

Am I able to find my open positions easily?

Is the job description informative and easy to read?

Is it accessible via a mobile device?

Is it simple to apply or is it cumbersome and lengthy?

The answers to those questions will help you identify areas of potential improvement and growth within your application process. Consumer marketing has been asking these sorts or questions for a while. It’s time we start asking them too.

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