The 10,000 Foot View of Talent Acquision

by | Sep 11, 2023

For most people, owning real estate boils down to a monthly payment.If buyers had to first save up enough money to purchase a home, few homes would be sold and the real estate industry would be a small fraction of what it is today.We’d need a lot less agents, and transactions would be much less complex.But decades ago, real estate entrepreneurs envisioned a future where most people could own a home if that ownership could be reduced to a monthly payment consumers could afford.And since then, the real estate industry and the mortgage industry have become inextricably linked.Recently, this linkage has been painfully on display as rising interest rates pushed the housing industry into a recession and caused more than two million transactions to vaporize over the last year.When thinking about talent acquisition, it’s one of the major factors that will dictate the future of how many and what types of individuals will be involved in both industries.This is one of the reasons we asked Clayton Collins, the founder and CEO of HousingWire to join us for this month’s Recruiting Mastermind.While HousingWire’s roots are in the mortgage industry, Clayton’s strategic push into the real estate industry makes him uniquely qualified to offer us some powerful insights on where things are headed.And since mortgage and real estate are both driven by consumer-facing professionals, there will be much to learn about how the talent equation will be changing in the months and years ahead.Take a minute to register for the next Recruiting Mastermind that will be held this Friday at noon CT.Not able to attend?  Register anyway, and we’ll make sure get you the recording of the session and the valuable collateral materials we offer during each session.


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