Measuring the Quality of Your Hires

by | Dec 11, 2023

Once the flurry and excitement of making a new hire subsides, most recruiters and hiring managers turn their attention to the next opportunity.That’s not a bad thing, unless it causes you to miss one of the most important data points in the hiring process—the quality of the hire.Many high performing organizations put a little extra effort into collecting this data about six months after the new hire comes onboard. They do so by asking one simple question:Given the chance, would you rehire this individual again?This is a question the new hire’s direct manager should answer. If you’re in the recruiting role, go to the closest source to collect your data.You may want to use a simple scoring system to quantify the feedback (ex. 4=definitely; 3=probably yes; 2=probably not; 1=definitely not)Then, start scoring and tracking the quality of your hires.The quality of the hire data equips you to make better decisions about all the other parts of the hiring process (recruitment marketing, source of the hire, hiring manager effectiveness, etc.)Since hiring takes a lot of time, energy, and focus then benchmarking the quality of the hire ensures your resources are well-spent.


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