39% of Agents Will Change Brokerages in 2024: What Are They Looking For?

by | May 8, 2024

In case you missed it, Inman published the results of an extensive, experienced agent recruiting survey last week.

The survey revealed that 39% of agents plan to switch brokerages this year.

This is a 56% increase from those who shared a similar desire in 2023.

Agents start looking for alternatives when their needs are not being met.

What’s missing?

52% want more referrals and leads

44% want better training and education

42% want more support

The survey also addressed the mindset of agents who are actively looking at alternatives.

What’s on their “must have” list?

93% want to be connected to a trusted/recognizable brand

88% want top-notch marketing and advertising support

82% want leading edge technology and tools.

There are two actionable ways to look at this study:

Focused Retention: Be honest with yourself–nearly 40% of YOUR agents are thinking about leaving your team or brokerage right now.

Identify who in your office is most likely to leave and proactively start re-recruiting them.  Find out what they’re missing and fix the problems before it’s too late.

Energized Recruiting: Go on offense. If you have strong solutions in the areas where agents are feeling deficits, step out in confidence and get connected to as many prospects as possible.

Use the survey findings as a guideline to prepare scripts and talking points that address these issues.  Plan talent attraction events that highlight your expertise in the areas where they are feeling deficiencies.

Now is not the time to sit back and see how things turn out.  You’ll be left behind.


PS.  Do you need some help putting your recruiting/retention plan together for the rest of the year? If so, schedule a free strategy call with one of our coaches. We’re here to help.


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