Optimizing Your Value Proposition

by | Jan 20, 2021

As we discussed yesterday, the quickest way to improve your employee brand is to optimize your company’s value proposition.

But why does a value proposition need to be frequently optimized?

Seth Godin recently offered this insight:

A project usually begins with clarity. The cause is just, the harm is real, the product is better. The work is worth doing, there’s an urgent need for change, it’s real.

But sometimes, the original arguments, as valid as they are, don’t work.

In fact, they rarely do….  It’s only as the arguments become more clear, or change, that they begin to resonate.

And yet we can get stuck with a certain orthodoxy. An early argument can become the only argument.

The story that the group tells from the start is the right one, and anything else is a disappointing compromise, even if it stops leading to the action you sought in the first place.

Business conditions are constantly changing.

Unless the value you’re offering agents keeps pace, resonates, and inspires, you’ll fail to attract the talented agents needed to equip you to be successful.


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