Increase the Chances a New Agent Will Become a High Performer

by | Apr 12, 2022

There are two career windows worth considering to increase your chances of converting your next new-agent hire into a high producer.

Window #1: Individuals in their early 30s often start looking to settle into a career that can provide generous income during their peak earning years.

Prospects in their early 30s are still willing to try something new. They also look to apply what they learned in their 20s by working various shorter-term jobs.

Window #2: If someone in their late 40s is established in a career where wages have stagnated, they may want out. Also, they may be very motivated to make up for lost time.

Becoming a real estate agent is one of the few opportunities where an individual can become a top wage earner within a five-to-ten-year period.

If you sense a candidate is in one of these age ranges, steer the interview and follow-up dialog towards these income-related issues.

Helping your recruiting prospects solve their career and income problems will make you the manager of choice.

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