Best Practices for Business Texting

by | Aug 8, 2023

For most real estate recruiters, conversations via text message happen more frequently than calling and emailing combined.If you’re new to using texting for recruiting, it may be helpful to follow a few best practices compiled by a texting vendor who recently evaluated over 9 million business text messages.Here are some dos and don’ts:Do use texting—it has a 10x response rate compared to calling and emailing.Don’t abuse it. There is such a thing as text spam and most people hate it more than email spam.Do send 1-on-1 texts with personalized, intentional messaging for your recipient.Don’t send group texts or generic texts intended to elicit a response to an offer.Do ask for reply, but don’t ask someone to call you based on receiving your text.Do use emojis, but don’t use multiple emojis or multiple exclamation points.Do send short texts with one idea/comment/question.Don’t send texts over 250 characters.Do sign-off personally, but don’t use a full email-type signature.How do you know if you’re doing a good job texting?Pay attention to your response rate.If your recruiting prospects are not responding to your text messages, that’s a red flag. It means you need to change with whom and/or how you’re communicating.With texting, there’s a fine line between truly connecting and annoying someone.


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