Focus on Great Design

by | Jul 12, 2023

Seth Godin surmises that the world of design operates on two axes:Did you produce within the constraints?Did you deliver measurable results?Good design doesn’t exceed the available resources and produces measurable change against the agreed upon objectives.Great design is better than good design because it uses fewer resources and/or creates even better results.Just a couple of years ago, there was a lot of external capital flowing into the real estate industry.And it seemed many of the traditional economic restraints had been removed—especially in the recruiting arena.Companies were growing by offering unreasonable splits, signing bonuses, low caps, and other short-term financial incentives.They were making progress by removing traditional constraints.  It was all good in the short term.Now that the pendulum has swung the other way, who will be the winners? The great designers.These are innovators who have built profitable systems that are good for the agent, good for the consumer, operate within constraints, and produce measurable results.Don’t get caught up in the race to the bottom. Spend your time, effort, and creativity designing a better system that will be sustainable under any market conditions.


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