Continuing the Fight in 2020

by | Dec 18, 2019

by Ben Hess, Managing Director, ThirdPool Recruiting

The ThirdPool writing and editing staff will be taking a break from publishing Recruiting Insight as we enter the holiday season.

We’ll restart publishing on Monday, January 6th.

Thank you to all those who read, ask questions, and engage in the discussion. We learn much from this daily dialog, and we hope you do too.

Real estate recruiting is a difficult problem.

As we look forward to finding more solutions in 2020, I’d like to point you to a blog posted by Seth Godin:

Respect difficult problems

They’re difficult because they resist simple solutions. Glib answers and over-simplification have been tried before and failed.

People have tried all of the obvious solutions. They haven’t worked. That’s why we’ve resorted to calling them difficult problems.

Difficult problems require emotional labor, approaches that feel risky, and methods that might not work.

They reward patience, nuance and guts, and they will fight off brute force all day long.

Here’s to continuing the fight in 2020!

• • •

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