What Need Are You Meeting–Part 2

by | Dec 6, 2023

In yesterday’s Insight, I encouraged you to focus your recruiting efforts on a narrow slice of your potential audience.Your target prospects should share unique needs you can satisfy better than anyone else.Some leaders resist this strategy because they’re fearful it will make their offices one dimensional.From yesterday’s example—if you get really good at helping part-time agents make the transition to full-time, what happens after the transition is complete?Won’t these newly productive full-time agents leave your office to get their “new” needs met?This is a valid concern. Here are two ways to handle it.Double-down on a narrow focus. If you’re making a good profit on meeting a unique need, and there is a plethora of people who have this need, there’s nothing wrong with staying focused on what you do best. It can be a sign of success when people “graduate” and move on to do bigger and better things.Strategically add capability. If you’re uncomfortable being so one dimensional, you could purposefully add capability. To do this, think of your office like a set of concentric circles. The first circle contains the core needs you’re most capable of meeting. The next outer circle contains a secondary set of needs that complement the core set.How many circles should be created? Just a few.Every time you create a new circle, the effectiveness of previous circles is diluted.


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