Categorize Your Recruiting Interactions

by | Feb 13, 2024

Most real estate recruiters and hiring managers view recruiting as a transaction.

This only makes sense–you get a great sense of satisfaction (and usually a compensation bonus too) from bringing someone across the finish line.

Unfortunately, your recruiting prospects are experiencing something different.

They spend 90% of their time contemplating and preparing to make this significant life change.

If you approach everyone with a transaction mentality, most of your interactions are going to feel awkward, forced, and unwelcome.

Here’s a better way.

Start categorizing your interactions into one of three stages:

Building Awareness (Marketing): The recruiting prospect is just learning who you are and whether you can be trusted.

Career Counseling /Problem Solving (Nurturing):  The recruiting prospect is willing to take your advice and share openly about his/her problems and concerns.

Closing the Hire (Selling): The recruiting prospect is ready to make a commitment, and he/she is actively considering options from you and other companies.

If you know where a person is in the recruiting process, you’ll be better equipped to customize your message to meet their needs and expectations.

When a person feels understood, friction is reduced and communication flows more freely.

How much of your time should you spend in each of these stages?

It should also reflect the stages where your prospects are residing—for instance, that could be 60% Marketing—30% Nurturing—10% Selling.


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