Signs an Agent is Going to Leave

by | Sep 7, 2021

A while back, Erica Ramus wrote an outstanding article for Inman (subscription required) on how to tell when your agents are about to leave your brokerage.

Here is part of Erica’s list:

Decreased Productivity/Listings Disappear. If a regularly producing agent suddenly has fewer new listings flowing in or buyer sales on the books, what’s going on?

Loss of focus. Are leads not being followed up on promptly? Are buyer deals suddenly falling through at a higher rate than normal? Frequently an agent with one foot out the door is distracted and loses focus.

Cool or Negative Attitude. An agent who is leaving starts to distance themselves from the group. They skip meetings and might stop answering the phone when a colleague or manager calls.

Questions Authority/Open Disputes. An agent who no longer cares about what the broker or manager thinks may become combative in the end.

While managers need to pay attention to these issues to retain their productive agents, a savvy recruiter will use the same signs to determine which competitive agents are most vulnerable.

It’s easier to keep your ear to the ground when you know what you’re listening for.


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