Recruiting Habits: A Reason for Change

by | Apr 10, 2019

by Ben Hess, Managing Director, ThirdPool Recruiting

Yesterday, I provided a list of the components necessary for building effective new habits.

To get started, you’ll need a clear and compelling payoff for making a change.

“Compelling payoffs” come in two flavors—those that benefit you personally and those that benefit others.

Personal payoffs are often simple and straightforward: “I’ll earn $10,000 more if I meet my recruiting goals this year.”

Payoffs that benefit others are more difficult to conceptualize: “I’ll be able to provide my daughter the wedding of her dreams if I meet my recruiting goals this year.”

Research from various sources suggests the payoffs benefiting others are more effective at creating change and helping establish new habits.

When identifying your compelling payoff, keep in mind that it must be:

  1. Well-defined. Here’s exactly what is going to happen if I change this habit.
  2. Time-related. Here’s the deadline for realizing the benefit.

What is your clear and compelling payoff for the recruiting habits you’d like to develop?

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