How Not to Work Yourself to Death

by | Mar 3, 2023

In an email from executive coach Bill Watkins about the patterns he sees among business owners and entrepreneurs who overwork.

I know your struggle here. It’s easy to over-prioritize our businesses because we think it’s what our families need.

I’ve been there, trust me. And I lost, broke, missed, and paid dearly.

Is there an alternative?

According to Bill, there is a pattern used by the most driven, successful, and happy business owners.

They make a plan. Write down what you want and what it will take to get there. Review it frequently.

They put together a team. Going at it alone is not a business–it’s a death sentence. That’s not hyperbole. You don’t have to die to end your life—especially if you lose, destroy, miss, or break the very best parts of it.

They have a sounding board. Surround yourself with peers who you can vent to—people who can speak to what you’re going through rather than being threatened, frightened, or worried by it.

They make hard calls. Frequently say no to things that don’t lead to your long-term success. Protect your most valuable assets.

They make progress every day. You must take small steps in the direction of the life and business you want, and the person you want to become.

Whether you’re a business owner or a manager who acts like one (because you care so much), this is advice you need to hear.

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