Wanting it Too Much

by | Nov 10, 2023

When you’re in a recruiting dialog with a talented agent, it’s hard not to get too excited about the possibility of this agent joining your team.While it’s important to let the prospect know you’re interested, when the individual senses you want it more than they do, something odd happens.The prospect pulls back and puts up some barriers.Why? It’s just what humans do when they feel they’re being pushed into a decision.To avoid getting yourself into this situation, view your response along the interest spectrum.At one end of the spectrum: You’re a disinterested third-party. I don’t really care if you come to work here.At the other end of the spectrum: I REALLY want you to work here. I’m focusing a lot of attention on your decision.The best hiring managers operate in the center of this spectrum. Yes, I care, but if it is the right decision for you and me, it will happen.Next time you have an agent crush going, ask yourself: Where am I along the interest spectrum?


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